Strange Photos: Vintage Computers, Models With Doilies, Pin-Ups With Men, And Soviet Cars

Pin-up pictures are just bizarre, but I never realized how strange they were until I saw this gallery of men placed in typical pin-up poses. Then and only then, I realized these postures are things no human being, male or female, would ever be in naturally.

It’s completely safe for work, as all of the men are totally dressed, but it might make you laugh pretty hard. The only pose that’s missing here is the one involving celery.

Next, the Soviet cars. When I was in Russia in 1998, these cars formed the brunt of the brunt of the Russian traffic, and what’s especially sad about that is that the owners of these cars were the rich people. Middle-class people typically couldn’t afford cars at all.

I was an exchange student in a group of five, and only one of the host families had a car. We always joked they were obviously mafiosi, which I definitely hope was not true. Then again, if it was, they didn’t shoot us either way, so I suppose it’s all right.

I do not watch reality television if it can possibly be avoided. There are only a few exceptions to this rule: when I’m hanging out with my mom, I will willingly and happily watch cooking shows and dancing shows.

I have also seen quite a bit of America’s Next Top Model, which is interesting not because of its incessant backstabbing contestants, but because they show you what models actually do, and how the photographers compose the advertisements that populate your magazines. What the models look like when they turn up in a photo shoot or runway job is not what they look like in the photograph or on the runway.

This is a gallery of before-after photos of models, prior to being dolled up and then after that. The fun part is: there’s a slider on the photo and you can slide it back and forth to see the before and the after. Click on the red thing and give it a go, and if you can tell me why the first lady is wearing a crocheted doily mask, please do.

Finally, here are the vintage computers. Look! They fit in a single room!