Kuchen And Wind Turbines

I visited my wonderful parents this weekend.

It’s a long drive back to Jackson, Minnesota, from Jamestown, North Dakota, but it is also a beautiful scenic drive. The trees are starting to turn the autumn colors we love, and the fields of golden wheat and corn are beautiful.

On the way home to Jamestown, I did figure out what I’d been missing about the landscape here: wind turbines. Yes, there’s a big wind farm somewhere nearby Jamestown, but driving along Interstate 90 through Nobles and Jackson counties there are wind turbines everywhere now, on both sides of the road and in large and small groups.

Apparently it’s the Buffalo Ridge and its effect on the weather that makes the area so great for wind energy production, or so I’ve gathered. But there are so many more wind turbines there than near Jamestown. They’re the skyscrapers of the prairie, and I miss them.

I did bring a kuchen home and though my dad seemed to want to avoid it (he’s not really a dessert guy), my mom seemed to appreciate it.

This one happened to be strawberry-rhubarb, and instead of little chunks of strawberries and rhubarb throughout, as I was expecting it to be, it had a thin layer of rhubarb-strawberry goo above the crust and below the eggy stuff. Is that typical?

It was wonderful.

That’s the view from my car.

It’s a little… flat. In Minnesota.

To be fair, if four glaciers ran you over, you would be flat too.

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  1. Alison Stumpf

    If you like wind turbines, you’re in the right place. I think they are eye graffiti. I miss the beauty of the prairie sans windmills.

    1. Wellllll, there are quite a few less windmills in North Dakota.

      Maybe you should move up here. It’s certainly not windmill-free, but there aren’t nearly as many.

      I know not everyone likes them, but I always have. I see them and think: They’re making electricity and it’s renewable! And also they make a pleasant whirring noise that reminds me of a washing machine.

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