Changing The Rules

All right, I’m changing the rules for the contest. Since no one has even tried to write a limerick or a haiku or a 74-page epic poem, I’m just going to give the breakfast away to whoever a. posts first here on Areavoices and b. can come pick the ticket up before Friday at 5 p.m.

Who wants a free breakfast this weekend? Reply to me first and you’ve got it.

I still want a haiku/poem/six-word story for the hat and nickel, though.

English haiku have a line with five syllables, then a line with seven, then another line with five. Here is an example:

No one wants breakfast
A skeptical buffalo
Sadly wonders why.

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  1. Anna

    Sorry this is so lame, and I am not local, but you can donate my prize to a worthy person of your choice:

    There was a famous buffalo
    Whose look was very skeptical.
    On the silver screen
    She “made the scene”
    Being played by Janeane Garofalo.

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