Giving Away Free Hat, Free Pancakes, Free Money

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but I do have a free breakfast, free buffalo head nickel (undated) and a beautiful free “Courage Carries On” hat to give away.

I’m going to have a contest and whoever writes the best limerick, haiku, or six-word story about kuchen, skeptical buffalo or North Dakota-related topic of your choice will win one of these three shiny prizes.

First place gets first pick, second gets second pick, third place gets whatever’s left and everybody else just gets the total infamy of having your stuff posted on Shiny Thing for ever and always.


1. You must be able to come to the Jamestown Sun and pick up your prize in person. Non-Jamestownites (non-Jamestonians?), you’re in it for fortune and glory! We have nothing to fear but fear itself! 54-40 or fight! Come back with your shield or on it!

2. Entries should be posted in the comments, or you can email them to me at You can enter as many pieces as you want but you must keep them clean. This is a family blog.

3. Deadline is noon Thursday, so you don’t have a lot of time!

The free breakfast is for pancakes at Applebee’s in Jamestown Sept. 10, courtesy of the Grief Support Team. You want this, trust me. Num. The hat (shown below) is courtesy of Courage Carries On. The nickel is from Ohio Valley Gold and Silver, and the date has been rubbed off (very common with this design).

Frankly, if anybody manages to fit the words “Skeptical Buffalo” into any of these poetry types I’m going to be pretty impressed.

What rhymes with “buffalo?”