Lies About Space

There are people out there who believe the moon landing was faked.

I’ll grant you, there are certainly scarier, weirder conspiracy theories out there — you can look at the entire list of JFK or 9/11 conspiracies alone and see some pretty crazy stuff — but for some reason, the belief abides that the U.S. never sent anybody to the moon. Instead, the argument goes, they filmed the whole thing in a studio somewhere, maybe with Stanley Kubrick directing.

Let me tell you, if Stanley Kubrick had directed it, the moon landing would have been a whole lot weirder. And probably not PG.

Still, totally unimpressed with logic and extensive documentation of filmmaker habits, these myths persist and there are real live actual people who believe the moon landing never happened.

A movie was even made along those lines — 1978’s Capricorn One, which was about the faked moon landing kinda like MASH was about Vietnam. Meaning its premise was a faked landing on Mars.

It turns out, though, that there are a lot of weird myths about the space program, and has been kind enough to make a list of ten of them for us.

There are a few of these I knew not to be true, like #1, “The U.S. space program enjoyed broad, enthusiastic support during the race to land a man on the Moon.”

If you go back and read the newspapers from that time period, there’s plenty of criticism of NASA and the Space Race, mostly on the grounds that “we should take care of us first before gallivanting all over space,” meaning solving poverty and hunger and disease and war first.

I have to admit, though, #9 was a surprise: “President John F. Kennedy wanted America to beat the Soviet Union to the Moon.”

It never occurred to me that he hadn’t. Were you guys aware of this?

The whole article is worth a read, if you like science or science fiction, or just enjoy a good conspiracy theory. UFOs are on there too, but those are totally real.