Delicious North Dakota

I still haven’t tried kuchen proper, but last week I was lucky enough to taste kuchen bars for the first time.

Kuchen, of course, is German for cake, but in this part of North Dakota (maybe in the whole state? I don’t know) it refers to a delicious custard-like dessert with fruit in it.

Although I am half German, I had never really heard of such a thing. The Germans from Russia Heritage Society was handing out the bars at the block party on Thursday, so I ate one. Incidentally, I am actually a German from Austria, so I am not even sure I qualify to join their group, but they were super nice and gave me a brochure anyway. And they even sent me the recipe for the delicious kuchen bars!

I really liked the bars, and I’m hoping to eat a lot more of them, possibly along with actual kuchen itself.

Kuchen is probably Germany’s way of making up for sauerkraut.

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  1. Lynde

    You’ll have to try the kuchen from the bakery in Wishek, ND–it is the best. Tons of different flavors! Have Kristen bring you some on her next trip east!

    Hope you are acclimating well to life in ND. Your posts always make me smile and a little 2nd homesick.

    1. Oooh. Wishek, gotcha!

      I am loving North Dakota. People have been very kind and welcoming, and apparently they like to feed people. It kind of reminds me of Russia that way.

      I am going to have to make some of these bars for my mom when I go back to Jackson at the end of September…

  2. I’m fairly recent to North Dakota and kuchen seems to be everywhere, even Wal-Mart carries a local version. I note you did not tell readers how it’s pronounced…way to keep it local! All that said, I find scotcheroos to be my favorite local dish. Not ethnic, prolly from the back of a cereal box, but they’re EVERYwhere! Yet I never saw them anywhere else I’ve lived. Make sure you get some of those!

    1. Well, I still pronounce it “kuechen,” but everybody else pronounces it “coo-gen.” And yes, they are everywhere. I’m gonna gain 50 pounds.

      What’s a scotcheroo?

      1. Anna

        A scotcheroo (AKA Special K bars) is a bar usually made with some type of cereal (Rice Krispies, Special K, cornflakes, etc.), corn syrup, sugar, and peanut butter topped with a frosting made from chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. Since it has peanut butter in it, I never made them for you. Bad mother.

        1. Oh, Special K bars! I’ve had those before. They’re all over the place in Minnesota as well, if you go to church functions. In my case I generally avoid them–as Anna-Mom says, I’m not big on peanut butter.

          I always wondered why they called them that, when they seemed to be made mostly of Rice Krispies.

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