Jamestown’s Shindig

Block Party
Block Party

I was mistaken for a college student several times last night at the Community Block Party, despite my gray hairs, so I’m pretty happy today.

Booth Folks: “Are you looking for a job?”

Me: “Oh, I have one, but thank you!”

It was a fun shindig and I walked away with quite a bit of random swag, including two grocery bags, one from St. John’s Lutheran and one from Gate City Bank. I also have some sort of cheese cracker things, a toothbrush, a cup, a bottle of water and a flavoring packet and a toothbrush.

I have also added a number of pens to my collection, which is good, because I am always losing them. I think squirrels follow me around and steal them. The trend in pens seems to be orange transparency–both Gate City and Unison had these, and JobAlert’s pen is bright red and transparent. Eventide’s pen is sleek and black, Temple Baptist’s is elegant and gray, and Jamestown Main Street’s maroon pen has the address of its new website on it.

I do not have three bags/cups of popcorn, a blue slushie and a dish of fresh Cavendish fries, but only because I ate them last night.