Images Of Decay, Mathematical And Otherwise

I tend to store up links until I have several that fit some sort of a theme. These are all vaguely focused on decay.

  • What would happen if an atomic bomb had struck an American city in the 1950s? The magazine Pageant offered illustrations on the topic–sad, terrifying and in some cases, maudlin.
  • Here are photos of decaying buildings in Gary, Indiana, which people like me have heard of because of the irritating song with that title. The photos are beautiful and sad, and they do remind me a bit of photos of Chernobyl, though Gary is obviously not (mostly)  deserted and restricted. These abandoned places are fascinating to me, for some reason.
  • And this math-related video doesn’t really talk about decay, but it does talk about patterns and iterations–critical concepts in mathematics I never learned in high school, despite taking higher level math courses. If you’ve ever been bored and drawn squiggles all over your notebook (and I have done this many times) this video is for you. In a humorous way, the girl in the video explains patterns and iterations–some of the cool parts of math. You don’t have to know any math, and it’s a fun flick.
  • And finally, totally unrelated to decay in any way, here’s a gallery of stultifyingly boring book covers. Many are hilariously dull.

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    1. Holy mackerel.

      Finally had time to look at the gallery you linked today, and it reminds me a lot of Chernobyl–as if the people just all suddenly vanished one day, never to return. Images of peeling, decrepit splendor.

      Might link this on the blog proper as well–it’s pretty fascinating!

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