Farming With BOOM And Obvious Spies Spying Obviously


Do you think farming needs more BOOM in it? If so, this marvelous little DuPont booklet on farming with dynamite may be for you! I don’t think Farmville has a “dynamite” option yet, but I stopped playing it, so I really couldn’t say.

But really, isn’t everything more fun with explosives? July 4, birthday parties, baptisms?

Okay, maybe not baptisms, although I can honestly say I haven’t tried explosives at a baptism yet.

Here’s another oddball link about official recommendations for Stasi disguises, featuring the least-subtle garb spies can possibly wear, short of hanging an I AM A SPY, ASK ME HOW sign around the neck. Seriously, they caricature themselves here.

It’s a little odd, because the Stasi were extremely effective in one sense–some estimates say that one in every seven people in East Germany was a Stasi informer. Look around you; if you have six innocent coworkers, well, maybe it would have been you. At the same time, the Berlin Wall still fell, so maybe the TRANSPARENTLY OBVIOUS DISGUISES really did hurt them.