The Hail With It

Friday’s rainstorm prompted interesting scanner chatter, but it also left me with a minor dilemma, as I was uncertain how to describe for my story the bits of hail that fell on Jamestown.

The hailstones were smaller than peas, and I was struggling to find a good way to illustrate their size. Sub-pea-sized? Tinyhail? Nerds candy-sized hail? Airsoft ammo?

I was advised to see what The Internet had to say, and quickly found this handy National Weather Service hail size comparison chart.

BBs! Bam!

But reading the rest of the chart also proved instructive. Do people really compare hail to hockey pucks and eggs? That must be some pretty weirdly-shaped hail.

And then there are the delicious comparisons to candy, including the Milk Dud-sized hail. Mmm.

How would you describe hail?