Potted Plant Planted In Pot: Help Me Name A Mascot!

Okay, so I-like a-little alliteration a-lot. But I wanted to show you all my new mascot!

The Big Green
The Big Green

It’s not the Sun’s mascot, it’s just my mascot.

It was given to me by the Anne Carlsen Center–it was a leftover from a sale that helped finance the gardening therapy style program they had there.

The pot was painted by a boy named Brandon, who, as you can see, clearly has a pretty good sense of color and shape. This picture doesn’t really do the pot justice, but it’s pretty nice.

The plant inside is an aloe plant. I was initially offered some poor helpless green thing that probably would have wilted and died simply from being in close proximity to me for very long. My brown thumb is that powerful. I can pretty much kill plants just by glaring at them (although to be fair, most people of German descent can). I explained this, and was offered an aloe plant instead.

I have killed cacti in the past. More than once. Someone should probably make me a kudzu farmer. There wouldn’t be a single specimen left in the U.S.

Anyway, the important thing is, the aloe plant needs a name. The initials on the pot are B.G., so I’ve been calling it the Big Green, sort of like you’d call an adorable fuzzy kitten “Killer,” but maybe you can think of something better with the initials B.G.

What do you think?

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  1. That’s a lovely aloe! One trick is to not over-water it. They like to dry out before they get more water, which probably comes from being a desert plant! 🙂
    I like giving plants very odd names, so I would probably go with something like Bob Greenwood.

  2. Hmm. It does kinda look like a Bob…

    Good to know about the water, too, and I will keep that in mind. Let’s hope I can keep this one alive.

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