Amy Winehouse Is Dead (And The 27 Club Nonsense)

I was grumpy throughout most of yesterday after I heard Amy Winehouse had died.

If there were ever a perfect example of wasted talent it was Amy Winehouse, and yes, sometimes the “wasted” in that sentence had more than one meaning. Of course her death is still under investigation and it is a little premature to put the blame on drugs at this point.

However, there is no denying the woman was a gloriously talented mess.

I have both her albums, Frank, which is pretty much jazz, and Back to Black, which is the soul-jazz-Motown-retro-throwback music Winehouse became famous for. Both albums are excellent, but they feel very different from each other, and I was really hoping she’d manage to claw her way up out of the abyss to produce many more.

Now that won’t happen. She was robbed (or maybe robbed herself?) of her life. And we were robbed of her music. Who knows what could have been?

In a time of auto-tuned, pretty people with vanilla-pretty voices that sound pretty — and pretty much the same — Winehouse sung soul raw, beautiful, with rough edges. (Note: the singing in this video is Winehouse, but the acting is not.)

Winehouse joins the so-called “27 Club,” of influential musicians who died at the age of 27, including Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Brian Jones, as well as Kurt Cobain.

Infuriating, to see so much wasted talent undone by death.

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  1. The talent is wasted by drug abuse, the vaunted holy grail of enlightenment touted by the leftist elite. They reap the rewards of their own debauchery.

  2. Kari, to paraphrase, what, I believe, Amy Winehouse is well known for singing: “She cheated herself — like she knew she would”. No, I don’t have a crystal ball, and; as much as I’m trying to resist saying it, I feel compelled to say: I (and; surely, many others) saw this coming .

    Many of the brightest / most-promising stars burn out the fastest. They seem impelled to be in self-destruct mode. I surmise it is such edginess that is concomitant with their talent. @Bullfrog‘s above-comment is well-worded, and; I agree with much of the substance of it, however, I posit that saying drug abuse is THE holy grail isn’t accurate.

    Jim Morrison, as you mentioned, and; Brian Jones — was he the one of the early Rolling Stones? It’s amazing that Keith Richards has managed to live so long — he’s a physiologist’s mystery 😉 . Kelly Osbourne was good friends with Amy, and; it’s also amazing that Kelly’s dad, Ozzy, has managed not to take himself out.

    Thanks for you posts, Kari, I enjoy reading them. I risk getting “picky” with a veteran newspaper employee, but; I think I’ve detected a miss-type in your passage above: “so much wasted talent undone by death”. The word “wasted” is descriptively accurate, and; would serve well in a separate sentence. However; since you say “undone by death”, the word “wasted” is superfluous, and; confuses the meaning of the passage. Perhaps you meant to say: “so much talent undone by death”.

    Off topic: I read from Don Redinius’s #comment-3714 to you on your “Farewell Worthington” post, that you’ve been helping him on his EraOfSuccess.AV blog. That is good. It would be helpful to readers if you, @Lucinka, and, @DonRedinius would also have a “recent comments” widget on your sidebar, and, 20 items on your blog’s “front”. Don only has “archives”, “meta”, and, search box, although, the sidebar on his newer blog LeadershipMatters.AV is better. Kari, it would be great, especially for new readers for you to have an “About” page on Shiny.AV .

    I don’t want to appear didactic to you, an adept AV/ForumComm employee, but; I just wanted to mention some tips, and; I’ve published many at , etc. Area Voice’s @TracyBriggs is familiar with me.


    1. I do indeed need an About page! And let me see if I can add Recent Comments to the sidebar–FCC employees have some restrictions on their blogs due to the ads which help pay for them.

      The “wasted” in the talent meant “drug-addled,” but the double-meaning was meant to reinforce the undone bit as well. Maybe it sounded better in my head.

      I hope this blog doesn’t drive you bonkers, as I do deliberately take a lot of liberties with language in it. I like to make up words and use internetisms here; obviously, I can’t do that in formal news writing! I ended up reading early and late Wittgenstein in college and was very impressed by the language-as-a-game texts, so I like being playful with words.

      Frankly I can’t believe any of the Stones are still alive. Are we all certain they haven’t been reanimated as zombies?

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