Farewell, Worthington

I am going to miss southwest Minnesota.

I blame physics. Apparently there’s some natural law or something about how you can’t have one object in two places at the same time, and because I’m moving to Jamestown, N.D. this week, I can’t simultaneously be in southwest Minnesota sipping pina coladas on the shores of Lake Okabena.

Stupid laws of nature. Sure, they keep us from falling off the planet or spontaneously combusting, but they also keep us from having cool stuff like cold fusion, perpetual motion, giants, eternal life and teleportation, not to mention fat-free desserts that taste good.

If you disobey the laws of nature, do you get arrested?

This is something I need to know. I’m taking a reporting position at the Jamestown Sun, which is owned by Forum Communications Company, the same company that owns the Daily Globe.

Unfortunately, this means I need to move every single object I own to Jamestown. I’m convinced that if I broke some laws of physics I could get it all done right quick.  However, I’m a little worried about what would happen if I got caught, so maybe I’d better not.

I’m going to miss Lake Okabena, though, and all the people I met here, most of whom have helped me out in one capacity or another — given me guitar lessons, dragged my car out of the ditch, served as a source for a story or just read an article or two.

There are too many people to thank, and I’m fairly sure if I tried I’d have to start taking more drugs to combat my already-high blood pressure. And I would probably have to share those same drugs with my editor, because a list that long would take up the entire news section, even if we put it in print so small only gnats could read it. Small gnats. You know, the ones that bite.

Plenty of things make Worthington unique — the windsurfing, the turkey race, the multitude of cultures and the lake — but none of that makes it awesome. What makes Worthington and all of southwest Minnesota awesome is the people who live here.

I moved to Jackson in the middle of 10th grade, and my classmates made me feel welcome and wanted. I moved to Worthington almost six years ago, and here, too, I have felt welcome and wanted.

But, as Scotty from “Star Trek” said, “You cannae change the laws of physics!” and I can’t be in two places at once. I am truly sorry to leave, and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know so many of you.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  1. Jodi

    Kari, I’m a reader of your blog from Jamestown, ND. I always enjoy opening your site because I love the retro look to it and as I read your commentary I have the theme from Bewitched running through my head. Ha! So let me be among the first to welcome you. I look forward to reading about your take on our town.
    It is true we don’t have turkey races but maybe we can get something organized with the National Buffalo Museum and have a running of the bison through downtown. We do have a large lake north of town, the Jamestown Dam, and maybe sometime this summer you’ll find yourself out there on a pontoon sipping pina coladas. Have a safe move.

    1. Bwahaha!

      I just imagine all the buffalo racing down the street and afterward, dead silence, a haze of dust over the ruined downtown, and then a sign falls off a building into the pile of rubble…

      Then again, buffalo are much less likely to fly away to hide in a tree.

  2. Kari,
    Thanks for all the help and the support you have provided in getting the Money Matters Blog up and running. You have been great. I hope you will still be involved somehow.
    Loved your Physics comments…I hope you continue with your blogging. Best wishes to you in Jamestown.

    1. I hope you continue blogging as well!

      There’s a shortage of good financial information these days and yours is great!

      The Jamestown Sun is owned by Forum Communications Company, the same company that owns the Daily Globe and Areavoices, so I will still be involved! The Globe is going to continue featuring your blog, and there are big plans for the featured ones in the future, too.

    1. It should be fun!

      Keep it up over there at Minnesota West, too. Everyone there was so very easy to work with, it made doing Minnesota West stories so much fun! (Of course there were always awesome things going on over there too, which certainly didn’t hurt.)

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