150 Years After The Civil War

1st MinnesotaToday marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War.

I recalled from my sixth-grade Minnesota History class that Minnesota was first to send volunteer troops to aid the Union during the Civil War, and sure enough, the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry was organized at Fort Snelling on April 29, according to Wikipedia.

They are most remembered for the horrific casualty rate (82 percent) at Gettysburg, and also took heavy casualties in other battles, though they seemed to have acquitted themselves well.

Several men from the 1st Minnesota seem to have settled in the area.

Here’s a portrait; a much larger version of that above.

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  1. Tom Nelson

    If my memory is correct ,the Regimental Crests that we wore on our Minnesota National Guard uniforms had a battle cry from the Civil War. I believe it came from The Battle at Gettysburg, it was “To The Last Man”. Some of the men I served with in the 50s and 60s in Company I, 135th Infantry from Worthington may recall better than I. Tom

  2. Tom Nelson

    In answer to your question, yes it was. A brief history of the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, later to become the 135 Infantry Batallion was presented to (as I recall) each new enlistee. This was 50 years ago and some things escape me. Yoy might contact Bob Cashel that used to work at the Globe and was also worked for The Minnesota National Guard for many years. If you find out more information, please reply. Thanks, Tom

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