Seven Things To Do During The Tropical Heat Wave

It can’t last.

We are Midwesterners, and we know this lovely heat wave that has temporarily turned our chilly tundra into a tropical paradise, with temperatures in the 30s and maybe even low 40s, can’t possibly last. It’s only mid-February, and we have the rest of this month and all of March to get through before we can really hope to experience spring-like conditions.

It can’t last. We all know this.

So if you’re like me, you’ve been taking advantage of the soaring temperatures and sunny skies and doing things Midwesterners do when the temperatures get into the mid-30s.

  1. Go outside without having a life-or-death reason.
  2. Roll the window down when you’re driving around in town, just for the fresh air. Fresh air which doesn’t cause actual pain when you inhale it.
  3. Skip the socks. It’s a little daring, and it’s probably still a little too damp out for sandals, but socks are optional when your skin would no longer instantaneously freeze just by being exposed to the air.
  4. Wash the car. It’s kind of a novelty now, because you probably haven’t been able to do it for a month or so. Apparently my car was supposed to be black all along; I thought it was supposed to be kind of a dusty gray. Oops.
  5. Walk around without mittens, scarves, ear muffs, hats and the hunched-over expression of suffering we all wear throughout January.
  6. Remember why we live here. There are very few earthquakes, almost no hurricanes and the snow is actually very attractive. No, seriously. Remember how we felt about it in November?
  7. Stand outdoors watching the snow melt and gloat. You can even try mocking it. “You pathetic excuse for snow, you thought you could conquer my spirits? Fool! I am Minnesotan/Iowan (circle whichever applies)! We are tough! You are pitiful and weak beneath the rays of the mighty sun! Hahaha!”