What’s In A Name: Weird Celebrity Baby Names

Famous people give their kids weird names.

This is a known fact. Frank Zappa named his daughter “Moon Unit.” Jason Lee named his kid “Pilot Inspektor.” And Penn Jillette named his kid “Moxie Crimefighter.”

So it could always be worse. Keep this in mind as you read babycenter.com’s list of the Best and Worst Celebrity Names of 2010. As bad as Buddy Bear Maurice has it, at least he will not spend his life explaining that “Inspektor” has a K in it.

As far as the list itself goes, I agree with some of the author’s choices and disagree with others. While I like “Grace Margaret,” (Best List) I’m not especially keen on “Aviana Olea,” (Best List) which I would not name my daughter unless I wanted her to be a bird brain with a taste for margarine products (yes, I know that’s Oleo, not Olea, but it sounds way too close for comfort).

I wouldn’t name my kid Nelson (Worst List) because it’s a last name, which can be confusing to other people and cause people to think the kid’s last name is his first name. But I also wouldn’t name my kid Easton (Best List) or Harper (Best List) for the same reason.

And there are a few odd choices for the worst names column, too. I’m not fond of “Egypt” (Worst List) as a first name, but Egypt’s middle name, “Daoud,” is pretty common, and not bad, I think. What’s “Gideon” doing on the bad list? Why is “Vida” a bad choice, assuming her middle name isn’t “Min”? Is “Abel” really that bad? He was the good brother, after all.

I have a somewhat skewed perspective on names because my own name has always been rather troublesome. While I really do like the name “Kari,” so many people mispronounce it as “Carrie” (and so many Karis pronounce it that way themselves) that I’m always surprised when anyone gets it right on the first try. And Kari is a very common, traditional Norwegian name, so it’s not even really a strange name.

And my last name, Lucin, is pronounced the same way as “loosen,” as in “loosen your tie,” not like “Luschen” or “loo-seen.” Lucin is a traditional Croatian name, by the way, or so I’ve been led to believe. (By the way, neckties are Croatia’s claim to fame, in case you were wondering.)

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been called Carrie Luschen, I’d have… well, I’d have enough to pay the fee to change my name to Pilot Inspektor!