Damaged: Bullying’s Effects And Fighting It

Bullying may alter your brain chemistry, and not because you hit your head when the school creep shoved you into your locker.

I don’t sit around and worry about my brain chemistry. I do wonder sometimes whether my lack of trust for other people stems from a decade of social ostracism. That, I worry about.

Then again, my worries also include, but are not limited to: 1. whether my brother will like his Christmas present (he will), 2. whether the two Koreas will blow each other up in a fit of Rumplestiltzkinesque pique, and 3. when exactly the snow/sleet/other-bad-stuff-starting-with-S storm will begin.

I’m probably just a fretter.

But! Solutions are at hand. One experiment shows that babies may fight bullying! Apparently cuteness is toxic to evil or something, I don’t know.