Strange Images

Over the past week or two I’ve stored up a long list of interesting photo galleries to share, most of which come from the copyright/geek/random stuff site BoingBoing:

The Future
The Future

Hexing Hitler: A Life gallery of the time in 1941 when a group of people tried to put a curse on Hitler. Seriously.

Things Organized Neatly: A Tumblr gallery of… things organized neatly. All kinds of things. I don’t see the point, but they are kind of pleasing to look at.

1975 and the Changes to Come: A gallery of predictions for the future (that future being 1975). Some came true, some… er… didn’t.

Military Photos: A guy’s photos from his military service. I can’t remember the date on these, but it looks like the 1960s to me. Fun to look at in that “contextless images of another persons’ life” way.

A Sculpture Dress for Each State: A woman designed a sculptural dress for each of the 50 states. The Minnesota one is made of corn, and the Iowa one is made of Iowans. Kidding; the Iowa one is actually made of tall prairie grass. (I think this one came from Yahoo! news rather than BoingBoing, though I could be wrong about that. It’s been a few days.)