Just For The Hail Of It

I woke up confused last night, because it seemed like all the thunder in the sky had swooped down and decided to hold a party around my apartment. After a few confused seconds I recognized the noise as plain old garden variety hail, but because my bed is located on a second-floor corner and was being pounded by hail on three sides (roof and two walls), the sound was much louder than any sort of storm I’d ever heard before.

I always hear tornadoes described as sounding like a freight train, so naturally I decided to find out if there was a tornado. I wouldn’t have been able to hear a tornado siren if it had been two feet from my head at that point because of the deafening ice-shards pummeling the building.

I suffered a moment of absolute idiocy at that point, and instead of grabbing my laptop, bringing it downstairs and checking the weather in the bunker-like basement, I just wandered into the living room, closed the just-slightly-open window, and fired up the laptop from there.

If there really had been a tornado, I would have been sucked up into it faster than you could say “Auntie Em! Auntie Em!”

Fortunately, the freight train sound was just the roar of the hail.

When I went outside the next morning, I couldn’t believe there hadn’t been more damage. I really hope the farmers didn’t lose any crops.