How to Binge and Purge at the Same Time

Last night I binged and purged simultaneously. By which I mean that I went on a minor tidying spree, grabbing up books, letters, and random junk from all over my living room and either putting them away or throwing them away.

A distressingly large amount of it got purged. I have no idea how I managed to save up so many old envelopes, empty boxes, bits of packing material and mostly-empty bags. I didn’t mean to save them. Unlike real hoarders, I’m just too lazy to pick up my stuff, and because I live alone, I don’t really have to.

So every once in a while, I look around and realize that my apartment looks like something out of Animal House, shudder, and go on a minor tidying/cleaning binge, purging everything I possibly can.

This time, someone mentioned the show Hoarders, and I said “My apartment isn’t that bad.”

She replied: “They all say that.”

And I thought: “Oh, crap.”

I am really hoping I have the energy for a second binge/purge today or tomorrow, so I can tidy the rest of the living room and then actually clean it, which it so desperately needs…

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