The Emmys

I don’t watch enough television to have really strong opinions about the Emmys most of the time.

This  year, I was mainly thinking: If Jane Lynch doesn’t win for her portrayal of insane tyrannical gym teacher Sue Sylvester on Glee, I may well implode.

Apart from that, I didn’t really care that much. The Emmys don’t seem to offer awards to most of the shows I like, because they’re not controversial (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Dexter). There’s art in a fun action show (Burn Notice) or a heist show (Leverage) but you’re not going to get too many award nominations for doing something that’s been done so many times before. Not even if you’re doing it really, really well.

That may be why I’m a bit disappointed that Glee didn’t win more awards. They had more nominations than any other show, but as far as actual wins go, the wacky, over-the-top musical comedy took a slushie to the face on Sunday. Sure, Glee took the directing honors, but it missed out on the award I really thought it should win: writing.

This was the moment that made me love Glee. I think it’s Emmy-worthy all on its own.