Style At The Emmys

Of course, what I love about the Emmys is the clothes. Sometimes I love to hate them.

Feathers seem to be featured this year, but I can never see them without  thinking one of two things: 1. Which Las Vegas showgirl did you mug to get that outfit? 2. You b******s, you skinned Big Bird!

Christina Hendricks, the most beautiful woman on the planet, had a minor fashion misstep. This is not her color. This is not her style of dress. This is not her hairstyle. Most importantly, these are not her poofy sleeves.  It says a lot for Christina that she looked drop-dead gorgeous anyway.

Holly Burrell wore some pink and black thing. I don’t know if that’s part of her dress, an ugly stole, or if a spraypainted varmint attacked her on the way in from the parking lot.

On the bright side: Elisabeth Moss, Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara.