Veggies For The Veggie-Hater

The other day I did something I never do, and bought actual fresh produce and made something with it. Something I ate myself and actually liked. Even though I don’t like any of the vegetables involved.

Now note: this will only work for people who don’t like vegetables because of their texture. If you hate their taste, this is not going to work for you.

Veggie Sandwich Spread for Veggie-Haters

About 1/8 of a green pepper
1 tiny green onion (they look like this, and I only used the white tip)
Half a tomato
8 oz. cream cheese

The trick is to chop the vegetables microscopically small. No, smaller. Smaller. Smaller than that too. Yeah, if you can see them that’s not small enough. Then you stir it all together, and it makes a great sandwich spread. The dill, salt and pepper are all to taste; I used about a teaspoon of dill and as little salt as I could get away with.

It’s really good, very easy and much better tasting than the pre-made spreads they sell at supermarkets.

I’m not sure what to do with the leftover onions and stuff, though. If I chop them up really really small and put them in the oven with some potatoes, would that taste good, do you think?