The Slayer

I don’t remember a lot of specifics from my European lit class, but I do remember most of the characters in the Iliad had little epithets after their names, which helped you keep track of characters and usually indicated something important about each person in the story.

For example, Hector, the Trojan warrior who is actually one of the more heroic characters in the story, is usually called "Hector, Breaker of Horses."

I would like to nominate my coworker, Ashley, for the epithet "Slayer of Hornets."

Somehow, a hornet the size of a large cat got into the newsroom yesterday and hid somewhere, possibly under Ashley’s desk. It didn’t come out until Ashley arrived at work in the afternoon (as the night editor, she works during the afternoon and evening). Perhaps it sensed its foe was in close proximity, because it hovered between Ashley’s face and her computer, and then it was lured by the scent of sweet, sweet chocolate and peanuts, landing on a bag of M&Ms at a nearby desk.

I was poised to fight or flight, which in the case of wasps, hornets and other pointy-ended objects, means running the heck away.

Ashley, however, grabbed the nearest shoe and slew the monster, without regard for her own safety and with great bravery. I stopped hiding behind my desk.

Do you think "Hornet-Slayer" or "Slayer of Hornets" sounds better?

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