Going Global At The WALA Sale

Today we found these awesome inflatable globes at the WALA sale. (The rest of the stuff on my desk: A retro coffee cup purchased at a garage sale, my Motorola Droid, a samurai sword letter opener, the widget that makes the video camera stay on the tripod, my schedule planner and notes reminding me to do various things.)

The sale will end at 4 today, so it’s probably too late for you to go out there today, but I do know that they’re planning to have another sale day. They had all kinds of things, including some great children’s books, games, chairs and desks.

It was a little sad, though. For those of you who aren’t from Worthington, the Worthington Area Language Academy’s sponsor decided not to go on sponsoring them anymore, so the Spanish-English dual immersion charter school closed at the end of the school year. Now they’re selling their supplies.

Sad to think these desks might not see any more students. Hopefully someone who will use them purchases them.