Summer Fever

All day long, I’ve been antsy. I’ve had trouble concentrating. I feel sleepy, yet fidgety. No, I’m not coming down with a sudden case of ADHD, and yes, I got plenty of sleep last night.

It’s just the sun.

Children grow old and grow up, but there’s a tiny part of our brains that never quite makes it past the age of 4. It’s the part of the brain that, when you’re sick, whines "I want my mommy," and when you’re unhappy, shouts "I WANNA GO HOME," even when you are home. It’s the part of your brain that might make you buy a candybar or a can of soda at the grocery check-out, and the part of your brain that envies children who have toys or books you never had as a kid.

And now, it’s the part of your brain that makes you think: I don’t wanna go to schoo-er, work! I wanna go play outside!

It’s so nice, and not too humid. The mosquitos are getting worse, but they’re still not bad enough to require a deet-bath prior to porch-sitting.

So go ahead. Go play!