Chair Donations For The Honor Flight!

The first round of chair donations is in–the totals people donated to the chairs in order to "vote" for them as their favorites.

Java Nau’s 5 p.m. chair: $78

Mike Woll’s Gopher chair: $54.82

Turbes’ music chair: $52.00

Quality Auto Body’s semper fi chair: $15.25

Erwin Painting’s Twins chair: $9.48

Lampert’s Cookie Monster chair: $6.25

Avera’s Star Trek chair: $5.45

New Dawn’s parrots chair: $2

Gary’s Painting’s Betty Boop chair: $1.50

Trends military chair: $1.25

All the chairs looked absolutely fantastic this year! You can see pictures of them all here.

We got quite a bit of money this year from the votes, which will go to the next Honor Flight! Many thanks to everyone who donated!

Soon there’ll be the chair auction, and I’ll put those totals up too here, as soon as I can. Still no luck with the pictures.