A Bit Soggy But The Fun Goes On

Good morning! It’s a little damp here at the Regatta but nothing’s been cancelled. It’s all been moved to the beer tent, the largest rainproof area on Sailboard Beach. Yes, young kids can be here right now, as long as they’re accompanied by an adult.

Now the drum seminar is going on. Marc Anderson, the drummer for Boiled in Lead, and Mark O’Day, the drummer for the Galactic Cowboy Orchestra–both groups that played last night–are teaching a bunch of kids and adults how to play percussion instruments, both hand drumming and the stick-and-trap-set variety.

To my surprise, they’re not just giving everybody drums and saying "swing away," but are actually teaching some of the technical rudiments along with it all. Fun, with learning!

I got some video of the first parts of the seminar, so I hope to have that up either late this evening or tomorrow some time.

I hope none of you have been scared away by the rain! It’s nice and dry under the big tent; just bring an umbrella or a raincoat to get here, but you won’t need it once you’re under the tent. Word to the wise, though, it’s a bit chilly, so you might want to bring a sweatshirt.

And as Bill Keitel said last night, bring a lawn chair, too. There are some picnic tables under the tent but not enough for everyone.