The Regatta In Pictures

These are some images from the opening ceremony (and after that) I didn’t manage to post before. Above, the drum corps I mentioned in a previous post.

Bill Keitel during the opening ceremonies. As you can see, he was smart enough to wear a hat to keep the sun from being in his eyes; while the Galactic Cowboy Orchestra fiddler wore sunglasses, the guitarists didn’t, and I have no idea how they can see.

This little girl was completely rocking out, when I saw another photographer taking pictures of her boogying down and figured I’d snap a shot myself. (Other photographer: I’d be happy to credit you for the idea if you could let me know who you are and show me how your photo turned out; I’m guessing it’s a lot better than mine, which kind of ended up unfocused.)

Edit: Noah Keitel was the other photographer, and the cute little girl is his daughter. Thanks for the idea, and I hope your results were a little less blurry than mine!

This little boy was absolutely thrilled to get a blue balloon at the Globe tent. We’re giving them away here, and it seems to  be a trend for tiny tiny children to come in, beg for a balloon and then try to take one of the ones we tied to chairs to decorate the tent. Of course they’re tied on with that curly birthday ribbon that has the tensile strength of carbon-folded steel, so that’s not gonna happen.

Fortunately the workers at the booth here are pretty quick to hand them their own balloons and even in many cases gently tie them to their wrists to avoid balloon loss.

I think this might be a windsurfing lessons, given that there are two people on the board, but maybe the kid just has a passenger.

Don’t worry, there’s more to come, tonight and almost all day tomorrow!

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  1. Noah Keitel

    The little dancing girl is my daughter and I was also the other photographer! 🙂 nice picture. I see that Brian from the daily globe is taking the picture too.

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