Opening Remarks

Bill Keitel is speaking. He said you’ll stay at least 30-50% longer if you have a lawnchair, and although I have no idea where he got his stats, I certainly don’t disbelieve him.

Now it’s Mike Woll’s turn. He’s on the Worthington City Council. "Enjoy Worthington. Relax a little. We could all use a little of that. If you live here, pretend you’re on vacation!"

And back to Bill Keitel. He said we have windsurfers here from Canada, Cape Hatteras, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, and California. He touted the Daily Globe’s pretty full-color brochures; we’re giving them away at the Daily Globe tent. (I’m sure you knew this, but I work for the Globe. Full disclosure and all.)

And now, the Galactic Cowboy Orchestra will play!