And The Fun Begins!

We are live at the Regatta!

Although we’ve heard dire predictions of thunderstorms all day, so far it’s hot and humid and pretty windy down at Sailboard Beach as we wait for the Regatta festivities to begin in earnest.

A few windsurfers are already out on the lake, taking advantage of the calm before the races begin, and the chairs for the charity chair sale are arrayed in a line, waiting for bidders to scope them out. Two young girls are playing frisbee in front of the main stage preparatory to the Opening Ceremonies (slated to begin at 5:30 p.m.).

We’d all be happy if it could stay like this, but in Minnesota the weather staying like anything at all for very long doesn’t seem likely.

So come down to Sailboard Beach and take advantage of the sunshine and breeze! Stop by the Daily Globe tent and say hi!

I’ll get some photos posted as soon as I can. Stay tuned! I’m here all evening, tomorrow, and for at least a little bit on Sunday, too!