Meat Flavored Potato Chips And Other Horrors

And now, the reviews of the Horrible Potato Chips from Wales, from the newsroom and the helpful front office gals, with special guest Aaron V. We made him take most of the chips afterward. It was like sneaking over the border of a neighboring state, dumping a barrel of toxic waste and running back home in the dead of night.

"I just don’t know if potato chips should taste like meat." –Justine

"These meat-flavored ones are good!" –Arla

"It’s just me, I’m burping chips now." –Anonymous

You have been warned.

German Bratwurst Sausage

"It’s not awful. It definitely tastes like brats." –Ryan

"It tastes like brat burps!" –Justine

"Oh! It tastes too much like bratwurst for chips!" –Julie, with a look of dawning horror

"Actually, they do taste like a brat." –Sheila

"They’re good! You can taste the meat in these!" –Arla

"I wouldn’t want to eat more than one of ’em." –Chris

Brazilian Salsa

"The salsa is pretty bland." –Ryan

"He’s right." –Beth

South African Sweet Chutney

"This isn’t bad…" –Ryan

"Damn! Damn! Oh my god! That one’s really strong." –Chris

Australian BBQ Kangaroo

"The kangaroo is good. It’s like a mild barbecue." –Julie

"I like these too." –Arla

Argentinean Flame Grilled Steak

–Indescribable look of total disgust from Chris

Dutch Edam Cheese

"It’s wonderful!" –Beth

"It tastes like movie theater popcorn." –Julie

English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding

"Oooh… it’s a hot beef commercial that’s cold!" –Julie, with a look of disgust.

"I didn’t think the roast beef was bad at all." –Aaron

"These taste like roast beef!" –Arla, with approval

American Cheeseburger

"It’s a flame-broiled burger, but there’s no cheese with it… it just tastes like briquettes smell." –Justine

"Cheeseburger! Oh, this should be good…. mmm." –Arla

Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper

"It tastes like a pepper chip." –Aaron

"That’s my least favorite. I need a drink of water after that!" –Ryan

–Indescribable look of total disgust, this time from Sheila