Joining The 21st Century

Although I consider myself slightly tech-savvy, if only on a user basis (as opposed to the programmer or sysadmin behind the curtain), there are a couple things I’m weirdly old-fashioned about.

For example, although I love my check card and never write out an actual check unless I have no choice, I do not use ATMs. For the longest time, it was because I couldn’t remember my PIN number. Then when I finally did remember my PIN number, I just didn’t want to pay to bank, especially not if I could get my money for free by actually going to the bank. And now it’s because I worry about skimmers.

When I need cash, I go to the bank. Fortunately, most places take check cards, so my aversion to ATMs doesn’t hurt me too much.

Until this week, I was also reluctant to subscribe to an online movie service. Finally, based on the recommendation of Daily Globe sports guy Aaron Hagen, I joined Netflix. I’ve already watched at least 10 hours of streaming video, and my very first actual disk came in the mail yesterday. I hope it works. If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll need to stop at the post office on the way to work and mail it back.

Even if I don’t watch a single movie on a disc, I’ll have gotten my money’s worth from the service just by watching the movies you can stream directly from the site, with no waiting.