The Teat Tweet

Everyone who is anyone (and a lot of people really aren’t anyone) is now using social media, from your hometown to your church to your mom to your dog.

And now Twitter is going to the cows.

That’s right. Thanks to the Teat Tweet, you can now read the online 140-character-or-less musings of 12 different dairy cows, each of which posts unnecessarily detailed information about her milking sessions. Maybe you’ve always wanted to know more about dairy production, or maybe you’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that dairy cows were secretly trying to take over the planet, or maybe you just think cow tweets are funny. Whatever your reason, the Teat Tweet allows you to follow cows. And I don’t mean through a field.

It also allows the cows to deliver way too much information to you.

If you want to read about the humans behind the Teat Tweet and why on earth anyone would ever do something like this, let alone how they did it, click here.

If you want to pick a cow and read all about her rigorous schedule (what, you thought yours was tough?), here’s the Teat Tweet.