Putting The Raz In Crazy

My editor received a peculiar email today.

Scratch that. It wasn’t peculiar. It was downright bizarre. It reminded me of how Nietzsche wrote, only the writer of this email may have been kicked in the head by a horse more than once. (The horse-kicking may be an apocryphal Nietzsche story, but the guy really did completely flip his lid and command the emperor to get shot.)

Here’s a sample:

FYI: Your Life / Your Future and more deadly " illegal " Immigration, facts!!! And note within the video linked below that it’s " BS " = all the hype / myths that all i.e. Hispanics favor " the illegal / deadly to any Society law breakers aka deadly predators!!! " And equally deadly to any Society are the Liberals-Socialists-Dopers-Anti American-Anti Societal http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sovereignty types aka DNC & GOP based: " MASTER DEMS " < i.e. Michael >; that are DEADLY self serving, with spewing the Cult Master’s propaganda = more " world deadly " garbage!!!

The immigrant / now proud AMERICAN citizen, linked below speaks for a high % of the Hispanic immigrants aka now proud to be AMERICANS!!! That do not want " Our Society / America " —> deadly trashed, thus turned into what they and our ancestors: left behind, in order to achieve " THE AMERICAN DREAM!!! " Well… AMERICA used to be a better / more safer / more freedoms / more prosperous place to work out a better: " Life!!!

I figure anything I write after this is going to look pretty good. Don’t you think?

Cult Master? Dopers?

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