Photos Of Worthington At Sunset

If you’ve been staying indoors lately, you’ve been missing out. Even yesterday, when it drizzled throughout the morning and a thunderstorm started up again at night, sunset on Lake Okabena was beautiful.

On the nights I go for a walk, I inevitably see something and think "What a great photo that would make!" and of course, I never have a camera. Last night I borrowed the Globe’s camera, thinking I could post any photos worth seeing on my blog.

It was quite windy on the open parts of the shoreline yesterday. I should have worn a scarf to keep my hair out of my eyes, but I forgot about it. The wind made the lake’s surface choppy, and I wondered what it would be like to try to windsurf out there.

But it was beautiful.

I love the dock on Sailboard Beach.

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  1. Jake from Fargo

    Excellent pictures. Ahhhh, nostalgia kickin’ in from my days spent in Adrian/Worthington.

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