Bad Romance: Popular Movie Actually Quite Depressing

I watched a very depressing movie over the weekend.

The movie’s main character was a teenage girl, who was desperately in love with a very controlling man more than twice her age. In the first part of the movie, he shows up uninvited in her room when she’s not in it and before the movie even started, he told her how much he wanted to kill her. He also describes in detail how he’d kill himself if anything ever happened to his teenage girlfriend.

Then he dumps her and leaves town.

She goes into a funk, stops talking to her friends and starts taking stupid risks, hoping to see her darling return.

Eventually she gets a little better, and one of her male friends about her own age starts getting really close to her. He’s super supportive, sweet, and even much better looking than the older man who dumped her. Of course, it’s too soon after for the girl, so the friend doesn’t press the issue. He remains courteous and friendly, and tells her he will always be there for her. And he is.

Sadly, she keeps doing reckless things, and, getting an erroneous message that the teen girl has died, the controlling boyfriend decides to kill himself. She flies to Europe to stop him and she succeeds, and even though she tells him she could forget him and move on now, he decides (on his own, just like he decided to dump her) that this time, he will stay with her. Her opinion doesn’t seem to matter, and she, docile, goes along with what he says.

He says he will never leave her again and makes a violent attempt to drive away the male friend who had supported her. Then he asks the girl to marry him. The screen goes dark and the movie ends.

"New Moon" was a very depressing movie, if you’ve ever seen a girl get involved with a controlling or manipulative man. The fact that all that was supposed to be romantic just made it worse.

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