The Dudes Of The Expo

Just because it’s called the Women’s Expo doesn’t mean only women attend it, although of course most of the dudes here are booth workers of one sort or another.

That said, if any guy wants to pay $6 to get a rose and some other free stuff for his girlfriend, or check out some home furnishings, dishes and decor, now is a really good time to stop by the Expo at Minnesota West Worthington. I’m not sure how long all that swag is going to last. And don’t worry, there are lots of other dudes here already, and you won’t be the only one.

There are small dudes.

There are tech dudes.

There are dudes supporting Memorial Auditorium.

There are dudes taking lunch orders, and dudes ordering lunch.

There are law enforcement dudes.

And there are teeny, tiny dudes in footie pajamas.