Live At The Women’s Expo!

The Daily Globe Women’s Expo Health and Home Show will begin in 2 minutes, probably before I even finish writing this post.

Minnesota West’s two gyms are chock-full of booths right now, most of which had already been set up when I came in here ten minutes ago jonesing for coffee, wide-eyed at all the people working hard to make the fun begin. The Early Risers Kiwanis kindly obliged me with a cup of gloriously hot, fresh coffee, and tempted me with a cinnamon roll the size of a chihuahua. But I don’t get hungry quite this early, so I’m thinking I’ll grab a roll later.

There are all kinds of door prizes here, and little objects just sitting at everybody’s booths. Farley and Sathers, of course, has candy. The Daily Globe’s booth has these awesome little magnets with the Daily Globe’s website on them, as well as Globe pens. The Chamber’s booth, right next to the Globe’s, has these cute little frisbees that promote Census 2010, free. I didn’t take one; I think the last time I played frisbee I was probably 16 and at summer camp, but they would be absolutely perfect for someone with a child or a small dog.

And that’s my preliminary report. I need to wander around and take some photos; I’ll be back as soon as I can!

Also, I decided to tweet a bit here at the Expo, if I can. You don’t have to sign up for Twitter or log in to see my tweets, I’m pretty sure, just click here: