Health, Meth, Online Safety And Other Seminars

The Women’s Expo isn’t just about booths and free stuff. Throughout the day, there are also some really cool seminars on a wide variety of topics, from health to meth to cooking and online safety.

One of the popular ones today is "Every Woman Has a Story," by Kay Sauck, of Women inc. (Shown at left) There’ll be a repeat of it at 1:10 p.m., so if you missed it, you have another chance.

Also coming up any minute now is Sue Doeden, our Daily Globe food columnist, who is tremendously entertaining.

Two years ago she showed me how to easily peel an avocado. I still haven’t ever actually peeled an avocado, but now if someone put a gun to my head and said "Peel this avocado or die" I’d be able to do it.

So that’s a relief.