Going Bananas At The Women’s Expo!

If you get tired at the Women’s Expo, you can stop at the Tempur-Pedic booth and lie down on one of the sample beds, and the booth staffer will even show you how the bed works while you rest.

If you get hungry, you have even more options. You could grab some candy from Farley and Sathers, but if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth with something healthier, you could check out the Nobles Rock Community Health Improvement Program, which is offering people beautiful, perfectly ripe bananas. Bananas are close to being the perfect natural food, because they taste good and are pretty much prepackaged for convenience, too. 

But if bananas aren’t your thing and you want a wonderful carby nosh, check out the Wheeler Bread at the Schafer’s Health Store/Wheeler Bread booth. Their bread can’t be beat.

If the dry air of the gym has somehow gotten to you, Schafer’s is also offering samples of goat’s milk lotion and soap from Those Crazy Goat Ladies, of Sibley, Iowa.

And we’re just getting started down at the Expo!