The Great Minnesota Beard-Off

The Minnesota Beard-Off, a contest seeking to honor the best facial hair in Minnesota, will be in Minneapolis March 31, which got me thinking about how much fun it would be to start a similar contest on a local level.

However, I can’t really name many people with impressive beards, aside from of course Worthington’s Mayor, Alan Oberloh.

Then again, that needn’t stop us. There is a mustache category and a partial beard category (my brother had some righteous sideburns that would have been great for this at one point).

There is even a "freestyle" category, in case us ladies feel left out. We can wear false beards or draw on our beards, or even, as the Beard-Off’s website suggests, wear a beard of bees. Of course, I’m afraid of bees, so that probably wouldn’t be my choice. And I’m not very good at drawing on my face, though I bet the ladies at Avalon could probably come up with a super-cool drawn-on beard and win the freestyle division pretty easily.

Sadly, registration for this year’s Beard-Off is already closed, but if you want to get a hirsute head start on next year’s contest, you’ll have a whole year to grow.