Remaking Greatness: Tron, Karate Kid

The new Tron movie trailer came out recently.

Note that the new Tron movie, due to hit the big screen on December 17 this year, is not a remake.

Instead, Tron Legacy seems to be a sequel to the original 1982 Tron, and even has some of the same characters. Sometimes these sequels made long after the originals do well, and other times it probably would have been better for everyone if it had never occurred to anyone to make them.

Given the visual look of the new Tron movie (click the picture for the official website), I’m hoping that if nothing else, it’s visually compelling enough to be worth watching. I still enjoy the visual look of the first Tron movie, though the special effects are of course fairly dated.

In other news, the new Karate Kid remake is taking some flack because it features kung fu rather than karate. No, karate is not the same as kung fu, just like China is not the same as Japan. This article questions remaking such recent movies and wonders if it’s really necessary to have a new Karate Kid, or a new Clash of the Titans.

I’m glad they chose to make a sequel of Tron rather than remaking it.