Go Jump In The Lake

The swimming pool at the YMCA is supposed to be open today.

I am absolutely thrilled, because as expected, I hardly exercised at all when the pool was closed. I don’t understand how you gym rats can stay so dedicated and keep on going to the gym every day, but I admire your willpower! I only went once and did some stationary biking.

Then I realized that I would have to do twice as much laundry if I went to the gym every day.

I’ve missed swimming, though. I haven’t slept as well, I haven’t had as much energy and my sleep schedule has gone goofy again. I feel flabby, and worse, I feel like eating all the time. It is not good.

But happily, it’s over! The pool awaits, I have a fresh clean swimming suit and I’m so excited to go back!

Note: The water is warm and the pool smells lemony fresh! (They probably cleaned the glass railing or something.)