After what seemed like an eternity, some of our snow is finally melting.

Of course, this has its downside. It’s turned into snirt, the combination of dirt and snow that looks really unattractive and still manages to hide all the grass. But I don’t think anyone in Minnesota really objects anymore, simply because it’s so good to see the giant snow piles shrinking.

I’m sure it’s also improving safety, since you can actually see over the huge piles of snow at the end of your driveway and at intersections now, and the ice is melting from the slick slippery sidewalks too.

I rolled my window down on the way to Jackson today, just to get a bit of fresh air. This is a testament to how long this winter has felt, because I normally hate fresh air. It’s like sunshine. That stuff’ll kill you, man.

But after what felt like seventy years of winter, the sunshine and fresh air feel like heaven.

Sure hope it stays!