The Integrated Life And Being Late For Work

I don’t consider myself a workaholic.


I wake up in the morning, turn off my alarm clock and put on my glasses, and then I usually drag out the laptop, blearily, to check the Daily Globe’s website. I read all the comments if at all possible, delete any spam or otherwise inappropriate postings (of which there are remarkably few), and then I fuss a bit over where things are on the homepage, often checking the number of views for the day to see what’s popular before I rearrange. That’s the nice thing about visit-tracking; you can tell what people are most interested in reading.

Then I check my work email and delete or categorize my google alerts (there are usually 10 of these every morning, most of them from the Daily Globe’s site, a few from Reprint and then one or two Worthington-related links from other sites), and answer any urgent emails. If there are weather alerts, I try to put those up as quickly as possible so people know to drive carefully or just not to drive at all (if it’s bad enough).

Then I check Facebook, starting with my own friends list (feel free to add me if you like). Since I graduated from JCC in 1999, many of the people on my friends list live in the Globe’s coverage area, and sometimes I catch news from reading people’s status updates. After my friends list, I check the Globe’s Facebook page, which now posts links to news stories throughout the day, just to make sure there aren’t any comments or questions I need to reply to. Usually there aren’t, but you never know.

Lately, I’ve been peeking at the Globe’s Twitter feed every morning too, and of course I check Reprint and Shiny for comments.

All of this means about half an hour of fiddling with work stuff before I even start to get dressed, and at least a few times all this work has caused me to be, well.

Late for work.