Spring Cupcakes

Although I didn’t make the cupcakes shown at the left, I did decorate them.

The red bits with sugar on them are those little cherry-flavored gummi slices. I can’t remember what brand I used. The other red gummi bits are from Life Savers gummies.

The round red candies are red-hots.

The green in the rose bush is frosting, and no matter what I tried, I could not get the frosting to look like I wanted it to.

I’m still not happy with my rose bush and I think I might sign up for a cake-decorating class with community ed next time the first level is offered. It ended up looking like a five-year-old found the green frosting tube and went to town. Blah.

The green gummies are something called "Little Green Men," which are from Trolli, and they are little green aliens with giant round heads, which are absolutely perfect leaves if you slice them up.

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