Too Much Of A Good Thing: Yet More Snow

I for one welcome our snowy overlords! (Artist rendition at left)

Driving back to Worthington from Jackson yesterday was a bit of an adventure, but it wasn’t too bad. The gentleman or lady driving behind me in a Hummer was courteous and didn’t try to tailgate me or hurry me into going faster (which was good, because there were ten cars in front of me and the left lane was impassable for light cars), and I was grateful for that.

However, I had to dig out the end of my driveway when I got home, and got stuck in my driveway again this morning, ending up shoveling out my car while standing in snow up to my knees. If you heard cursing in the vicinity of Diagonal Road this morning, now you know who was to blame.

I love snow. I am a big proponent of snow. It’s picturesque and helps cover up the yucky dead grass and sad naked trees.

However, by the time February begins I’m always tired of it, and this year I think I started getting annoyed with the constant weather events in mid-January. Fer cryin’ out loud, is a day of nice (30+degree, no precipitation, no wind) weather really that much to ask for?