The Glories Of Living In A Small Town With Nice People In It

As Daily Globe readers may have already realized, I attended the Worthington City Council meeting last night.

When I left the Daily Globe’s office at about 6:45 p.m., the night air was cold and crisp and had that sort of biting feel that lets you know you shouldn’t really have any bare skin. It wasn’t snowing, though, so I decided to walk the two blocks to City Hall.

I quickly found out that I should have done what I usually do in the winter (which is wimp out and drive), because the sidewalks were slippery, and that biting feeling quickly latched onto my eyebrows and wouldn’t let go. (I don’t know why my eyebrows get cold before the rest of my face. They have hair; shouldn’t they get cold last?)

But it wasn’t a big deal, either, so I just hurried up a bit and got to the council meeting just fine.

By the time the meeting ended, it was snowing like it does in that scene at the end of White Christmas, and it had gotten even colder.

"Oh shoot," I said, dreading those two blocks of snow-slick sidewalks. "I walked here."

And the mayor and his wife kindly offered me a ride to the newspaper office.

Instead of spending 15 minutes trudging through snow and dodging ice patches while wondering if it is possible for eyebrows to fall off from cold, and maybe even slipping and falling on my head (I’m ungraceful at the best of times), I got to sit in a big truck for just a couple minutes and slip into the Globe office with barely a snowflake on my hat.

It’s nice to live in a small town with nice people.