Revealing Swimming Suits

I have not worn a two-piece swimsuit since I was about 4. It was a pink bikini with little black polka dots, and I can’t remember liking it or hating it; it allowed me to swim, and apart from that, I probably didn’t care.

Now I’m the proud owner of the first two-piece swimming suit I’ve had in more than 20 years, shown at left. Yes, that’s a swimming suit, and yes, it has two pieces. It’s one of those newfangled tankinis.

It’s very difficult to find swimming suits if you’re not a size zero, and these days, tankinis seem to be most of what’s on sale. They’re two pieces, which allows you to mix and match tops and bottoms, but they look like one piece swimsuits and cover your belly.

Sort of.

If I bought swimming suits to try to look decorative while lying on the beach, my priorities in swimsuit purchases would probably change. However, I buy swimming suits to swim in them, and thus, I like a nice high neckline and legholes that aren’t high cut. They have tankinis in all kinds of different styles and I was able to find a high necked top and a pair of shorts-like bottoms.

The tanktop has two parts; the pretty outer part and a sort of bandeau-thing inside that fits like I imagine a bikini top would (since I don’t remember how the pink bikini felt anymore).

That’s because when you swim in a tankini, the outside part sort of floats around. It feels very strange and I’m very glad the people at the YMCA are non-judgmental, because they probably thought I was crazy when I swam in it the first time. I kept having to surface and pause to giggle. It feels like swimming in your clothes, but without the excess weight, and it had almost a tickly sensation as the extra fabric from the outer layer floated around you.

This may be how jellyfish feel on a daily basis.

The tankini top just floats around you (with the inner bandeau making sure nobody sees anything important) and here’s the critical part: even if you aren’t actually showing that much tummy, it feels like the whole thing is exposed the whole time.

If you are self-conscious about your belly, you should probably stick to a good old-fashioned one-piece swimsuit.